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When we talk to you about becoming a Alger County Chamber member or you receive your renewal, you may ask "How will my business benefit?" Well, it's a great question. Our primary goal is to create a sense of community that attracts people into our area and promote your business. Here’s a sample of what we can do for your business:

Promotional Assistance

  • Email Lists - Promotional email blasts can be sent to the membership listing. Also, we utilize a community email list that is quite extensive and includes several regional news contacts.
  • Facebook - Currently, we maintain three Facebook pages in order to promote events and happenings in the area. One page is for the GMBPCD and one for the Alger County Chamber of Commerce. Social media outlets are ever-important these days and we use these for posting events and news.
  • Visitor information guides - We send not only tourist info requests, but relocation requests, and economic development packets. Plus, we stock your business brochures at four physical locations: here at the Fuzzy Boyak Welcome Center (across from Subway), the Interagency Visitor Center, the lighthouse kiosk at Bay Shore Park (which is manned in the summer months), and the kiosk at the Shipwreck Tours dock.
  • OUR WEBSITE - Be sure to check out and browse our website. Web presence enhancement is ongoing by search engine optimization, and we strive for top rankings in web browsing searches. Member businesses and organizations are listed with all applicable contact information, including a link to your own website, in the business directory.

Webpage Assistance

The GMBPCD/Chamber is offering packages featuring our new website and the advertising opportunities. One of these options will include a one page website, hosted by us. This offers a valuable option to members who are looking for a more feasible web presence. Please see the informational page included in this membership packet for details.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Discounts

There are several B2B discounts already offered by companies such as Mazzali Insurance Agency. You can take advantage of these type of offers and offer some of your own!


We hold a Business-After-Hours up to once a month. As a member, your business has the opportunity to host or sponsor one of these events. Attending them is also beneficial, with the opportunity to meet your fellow business owners and government officials.

Continuing Education

We are in the process of organizing and seeking out educational courses, classes, and programs to assist our members and the community.  If you have a specific need, please let us know.

Chamber/Partnership Meetings

Our meetings are open to the public and our members. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas.

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