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Upper Peninsula Fishing...

Few things are harder to pry from us Yoopers than our favorite fishing holes. We will, however, share with you several areas that are sure to please!

Widewaters Camping Area

Located approximately 12 miles south of Wetmore, Widewaters Campground (46.21944 -86.62833) is the perfect base camp for your fishing adventure! From camp you can tackle Fish Lake, the Indian River, and several other area inland lakes. If you can bring along a kayak, your accessibility improves significantly! There is a $16 fee to camp at Widewaters and neighboring Island Lake campground. If you're after a free camping area you'll just have to explore more of the area and you'll be able to find something! Click the link for more info on the Widewaters Campground

Au Train River & Lake

Another diverse fishing option is the Au Train River and general Au Train Recreation Area. Fishing can start as far south as Forest Lake. Enjoy fishing the Au Train River, where you're sure to get into trout of several species. Make your way to Au Train lake and launch your boat at the newly upgraded boat launch and Au Train Lake Campground. If you're into kayaking and fishing, the Au Train River paddle is a great opportunity to fish on your way out to Lake Superior! Click the link for more information on the Au Train Campground!.

Dozens More!!

There are so many camping & fishing options in Alger County you'll be left wanting to come back for more!! Many of the campgrounds in the Hiawatha National Forest are on or very near inland lakes or rivers that are great for fishing. To learn more, click over to the Hiawatha National Forest Campground Web Page. Don't worry, the link opens in a new window so you can come back to our website and learn about other Adventure Opportunities!.

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There are too many options to list here, or on a map. If you do get a chance to fish in Alger County, be sure to share your photos to our Alger County Facebook Page for a chance to win free stuff!!

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