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Why Alger County?

Let's get right down to it: business owners are the backbone of our communities. It is important for you to know that we will work with you and do whatever it takes to help get your business started in Alger County. Our policy is that of being completely approachable, and always helpful. By being "Community Minded and Business Smart" we are working together to cultivate a sustainable region in which to work, live and enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle.

You'll like it here.

In recent years the diversity within our business community has grown. Younger generations of business owners are getting involved, working hand in hand with current members of the business community. High speed interent, fiber optic cable as far south as the 440 in Delta County and lighting fast utilities service and repair make Alger County a great working environment for the virtual operator. A short 45 minute drive to Sawyer International Airport offers quick access to travel. Friendly, name remembering TSA staff and short lines to check in truly make Sawyer a great airport through which to travel. Chicago is only an hour away!

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Economic Data

To find out more about local economic statistics,click on the following link for the publication "Community and Economic Profiles for Michigan's Upper Peninsula." This directory will give you county data for all of the fifteen counties of the Upper Peninsula.

Business Incubator Programs

The Alger County Chamber of Commerce and the GMBPCD can assist with property identification to best suit your business needs. As needed we call upon the collective expertise of our areas finest real estate professionals to identify the perfect property for potential business owners. Our local government officials are always ready to meet and learn more about potential business interest in our area.

The process is quick, your time is money!

We understand. Don't hesitate to attend our Board Meeting with public comment or questions. Our meetings are the third Thursday of each month at the Fuzzy Boyak Welcome Center at noon. We do ask that you try to contact our Executive Director, to get placed our agenda so we can plan and do our best to help you as quickly and effectively as possible. You can get in touch with the director here.

Getting Started

No 4 page questionnaire, no mountains of paperwork. We're happy to talk to you now. Please just give us a call: 1.906.387.2138 and ask for Kathy. If you don't get Kathy on the phone, you can always Email her directly.

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