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New Residents

Relocation | Thinking about relocating to our area?
Alger County is a great place to call home and to raise a family. We can assist with all of your relocation needs so please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Enjoy a true four seasons lifestyle and learn more about our area by visiting our
New Residents Web Page.

Current Residents

If you are an Alger County Resident and you'd like to learn more about our region, local activities, events, sports schedules and more, please visit the
Current Residents Web Page.

Real Estate in Alger County

Our residential real estate portfolio fits all ages, incomes and interests. The Real Estate Professionals that are members of the Alger County Chamber of Commerce are experts in area real estate. For more information, visit
Real Estate Web Page

Alger County Rentals

Not ready to plunk down on a piece of property? That's OK! We have an amazing inventory of rentals to suit any need. For more information on rentals in Alger County, please visit
Rentals Web Page